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Where there's a will...

A senior musician has found an instrument that allows her to continue to make music. Phyllis Weatherald is playing a handy, compact digital instrument at the music session held at The Sherwood Home, May 4.

She first noticed the Q Chord instrument at a music jam. To her surprise the woman playing it decided not to keep it and decided to return the instrument to the music store in Portage La Prairie. Weatherald made the trip to purchase it, because she felt it would suit her well.

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“I could play a guitar, but my hands are too stiff,” she says. “With this, I don’t have to fit my fingers around the [guitar neck].

The instrument sits flat on her lap, similar to a steel guitar, but smaller. There are push-buttons to change keys in minor, major and seventh modes.

“I can change keys with one hand – play with the other.”

With her right hand Weatherald strums an electronic pickup, producing a harp-like sound.


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