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Managing Your Money - May 22, 2015

It’s happening more and more these days; couples choosing to live together before, or instead of, getting married. But living common-law has its own unique set of financial consequences that need to be carefully considered.
Managing Your Money - May 15, 2015

Managing Your Money - May 15, 2015

You have been diligently paying your income taxes for many years and perhaps, in most years, you have enjoyed a tax refund. Then you retire – and in your first year of retirement you get a (perhaps expensive) surprise: no tax refund.

Moonscape roadways

There is an elephant in the room, when it comes municipal decision making.
Managing your Money

Managing your Money

As March arrives and the days grow longer, Canadians seem to wake up from the cold, dark days of winter with a renewed energy that finds expression in a burst of spring cleaning.

Letter: Family Tax Plan

Dear Editor: This tax season will be better for Canadians and their families thanks to our Government’s Family Tax Plan. This plan will provide benefits to 4 million Canadian families this year.

Letter: Incident not 'friendly fire'

Dear editor, I do not like the use of the term, "a friendly fire incident". (Body of Sgt Doiron to be repatriated at CFB Trenton ceremony, Brandon Sun,10 Mar.

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